WE DREAMT A FAIRER AND MORE TRANSPARENT MODEL. IT DID NOT EXIST, SO WE INVENTED IT. Our Story . . Winter 2012. Uriel Karsenti dedicated 10 years of his professional life to directing major French clothing brands such as Barbara Bui and Pierre Hardy. Passionate about fashion and luxury, his observation was two-fold: Basics are what people wear, and wardrobe essentials provide the largest share of fashion business. At the same time, traditional fashion industry in the process of slowing down considerably: too many collections, too much waste, too many middlemen. Also, designers sell their collections for 8 to 10 times what they really cost to make. A new model had to be launched: no physical stores, no intermediaries and no retail markup. Directly between you and me, exclusively on our own site. The adventure begins. It’s collective and in keeping with the times.